The ferry from Skagway is a short 45 minutes and was $85 for myself and the bike.


I took a quick detour to Chilcoot Lake campground. I had been warned that there is a lot of bear activity here. It is nice to visit, but can be crowded with “bear watchers”, and probably not the best location to tent camp.

I was able to watch a sow with three cubs feeding in the river. Later, when leaving on the ferry, I saw what appeared to be different bear near the same spot.

I stayed two nights at Oceanside RV Park. It was a funky little place. I was nice to have “dry camping” – setting my tent up under a canopy. When the rains came, my tent stayed dry. Flush toilets, laundry, and a shower was nice.


I spent time at Chilkat State Park, the eagle preserve and native culture gallery in Tlukwan, Fort Seward, and the restaurants in town.


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