Chad and Javier joined me in Juneau to share a part if the adventure.  Meeting ar the ferry terminal for an early AM departure, they were a bit challenged in wating for a taxi.

This ferry ride was much longer at just over 23 hours 15 minutes. The bike was strapped in the car deck while we had a four berth outside cabin. There were brief stops in Kake, St. Peterburg, and Wrangell before we reached our destination of Ketchikan.  The ferry continues on to Prince Rupert and after an even longer ride ends up in Bellingham, WA.

Sailing through the Wrangell narrows was very cool. The Malespina and Columbia are the two vessels that sail from Skagway all the way to Bellingham. The sailing times vary to accomodate the tides through the narrows. We left Juneau at 3:30 am.

St. Petersburg and Wrangell seem to be interesting places to explore and would have meant a daytime departure from the ferry.

So far. each ferry has had different configurations on how motorcycles are handled. All have had tie down straps available. The people loading the cars on the parking deck have been very nice and accomodating.

Food on the vessel has been good – not fine dining, but well prepared with generous portions. No alcohol served. Others traveling without a berth set up tents on the deck or used sleeping bags in the solarium or one of the lounges.

Wildlife viewing included many whales (one pod near Kake was particularly large), harbor seals, and many birds. I missed having a good set of binos and bird book.

Chad and Javier shared a taxi that met the ferry arrival. I rode the motorcycle at night through the rain to find our AirBnB on South Tongass (near hole in the wall bar and marina). A bit far away from town, but we avoid the cruise crowd and enjoy a separate bedroom for my son, views of the ocean, a nicely landscaped backyard and a fun host.

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