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Mosko Moto Scout & Tusk Hardcases

I’ve got the best of both on my new bike. Easy, interchangeable mounting between my Tusk hardcases and Mosko Moto scout softluggage. In my right pannier I have a tent, hammock, cot, sleeping bag. It stands a bit tall due to the tent and cot poles. To cut down on bulk, I am considering leaving the cooking kit behind (stove, coffee maker, pots, pans, cooking fuel). In wet weather, tent poles, wet tent fly, etc can be cinched to the … Read More

Installing a Motech Center Stand

I bought the Motech Center Stand for V’Strom DL1000 as an impulse purchase.  The fitment is perfect and generally easy to install (even though there are cautions for DIYers),  The only challenging step was the installation of the springs (a spring installation tool is extra and not included). I used a small length of 1/2 copper tubing to pry the end of the larger spring in place. The smaller spring was easier to install using vice-grip pliers.  Tying up the … Read More