Ready for another adventure?

I am an adventure motorcycle rider, photographer, outdoorsman and adventure traveler.  When I am not having an adventure, I enjoy sharing my adventures with others.  I am starting some longer distance riding again.

2023 Tour Of Honor Rider #675

I rode from Atlanta to Canada during the pandemic period on the Mid Atlantic and North East Backcountry Discovery Routes.

Where Next?  Heading South through Mexico, Himalayas, Mongolia/Russia, Southern Africa?


Ready to ride

Tommorow evening I fly from Atlanta to Santiago, Chile. As with previous rides, I enjoy having a “theme” for the ride. The time spent on a bike provides a certain meditative quality. It is a chance to shift my thoughts into new areas. My first Motorcycle trip focused on rediscovering America and challenging myself by achieving a teenage dream. On this ride, I explored the gulf coast, the Mississippi River, the Ozarks, Route 66 (the mother road), and places of … Read More

T-4 Weeks

I’ve been shopping a bit in preparation for the trip. Not a lot that is critical, Moto-Skivees, point and shoot camera, replaced Sena headset, gloves, Mosko Moto bag. Also enjoying family time as Atlanta United competes for MLS championship.

T-5 Update

After reviewing the route, preparation materials previously provided by Moto Patagonia, and the current weather conditions, I created my packing checklist. I am using my existing bike and panniers to figure out what is likely to fit in the luggage provided by Moto Patagonia.

T-6 weeks to Patagonia Trip

So it’s time to start more detailed planning for the Patagonia Trip. I expect some riding on unpaved roads. Whenever I have the opportunity, I ride around on forest roads. I reviewed the Patagonia route, weather conditions in Chile and Argentina, and created a packing list. I setup my phone for making blog posts and created my trip report on ADV Rider.

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